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Building customer trust

Your consent and preference management solution

Consent and Preference Management to help you capture, retain and grow consent to build trust, boost engagement and ROI

Putting customer consent at the heart


Duncan Waugh, Head of Rail IT at First Group

“We implemented the platform and within 6 weeks had captured consent for over 100,000 passengers with a 68% email opt-in rate.”

Nick Daniel, Marketing Director at Dogs Trust

“We needed to find a tool that would help us to maintain a relationship with the maximum number of supporters and that could adapt to future regulatory requirements. We can now provide our supporters with the ability to tailor their relationship with us. This new technology helps use increase the trust of our supporters, strengthening our relationships.”

Join over 1,500 companies who have their compliance firmly under control.

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DogTrust DogTrust

Trust builds loyalty and fuels growth

Building customer trust


Happy customers

Truly understand your customers, personalise your communications and increase engagement with all your cookie consents, marketing opt-in consents and preferences in one simple place.

  • Create beautiful opt-in prompts
  • Design engaging preference centres
  • Define rules to only ask for consent when needed
  • Increase opt-in rates by up to 60%

Centralised consent

We make it easy for you to ask customer’s permission to collect, retain and use their data in a lawful, transparent way. And we make it simple for you to manage that data when it’s pulled in from multiple systems.

  • Accurate consent data across your Marketing Tech stack
  • See consents in your CRM (our Salesforce app gets 5* in the AppExchange)
  • Match customer records across different touchpoints
  • Get a real time view of all your consents

GDPR compliant consent

As your new data partner, we bring the privacy expertise and technology to guide you towards a more compliant, customer centric approach to consent and preference management.

  • One real-time view of all consent and preferences
  • Complete audit trail of consent across multiple touchpoints
  • Quick PDF history export for Subject Access Requests
  • Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy

Integrate with our flexible API

We connect to your favourite software


Our approach is designed to be an all-in-one solution for all your privacy and information security needs. We deeply understand the challenges of your industry and can speak to you in a language you understand.

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