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ISO 27001 Implementation Roadmap

  • Many businesses know they need ISO 27001 certification, but have no idea how to approach it in practice.
  • Our step-by-step guide is your checklist for ensuring that you approach ISO 27001 certification in a pragmatic way.
  • Find out how to organise your team, what the necessary deliverables are for each step, and the estimated timeframe to expect.




ISO 27001 is the recognised international standard on how to manage information security.  Businesses can only be certified by an accredited certification body. Often, companies face pressure from their customers, business partners or investors to become ISO 27001 certified. 

While the value of being certified is clear, the path to get there is not. The official certification standards are somewhat abstract. Many businesses find that they have no idea where to begin. Our guide will give you a clear picture of how to prepare for certification in practice. You can use our guide like a checklist to ensure you have adequately prepared, thereby maximising your chances of successfully completing the certification audit. 

Our guide features:

  • A breakdown of the steps you need to take before approaching ISO 27001 certification 
  • How to assemble a project team
  • What deliverables to create at each step 
  • Estimated times for each step based on our experience working with other businesses 
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