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UK GDPR Consultancy UK GDPR Consultancy

UK GDPR Consultancy

Working towards becoming more GDPR compliant made easy – with a team of certified experts

Our goal is to assist your organisation in becoming more UK GDPR compliant, both in terms of practice and spirit. That is, in terms of openness, accountability, and putting the data subjects' rights at the center of your UK GDPR strategy.

Bringing complete peace of mind to over 2,000 customers

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Explore all-in-one solutions for UK GDPR compliance

  • GDPR consultancy – work together with a team of experienced consultants to become more UK GDPR compliant

  • UK GDPR audit – reevaluate your compliance framework and ensure that employees are adhering to policies and procedures

  • UK GDPR gap analysis – examine your company's policies, processes, resources, governance, and technology to find non-compliant areas

  • UK GDPR implementation – execute strategies that help you become more UK GDPR compliant after conducting a UK GDPR Audit

  • Outsourced DPO – leverage Data Protection Officers to help manage data protection in your organisation
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Explore all-in-one solutions for UK GDPR compliance Explore all-in-one solutions for UK GDPR compliance

Why choose DataGuard

  • Work with trusted experts-DataGuard consists of a team of certified experts from the fields of law, business & IT.

  • Earn customer trust – set your brand apart with strong privacy practices and a transparent approach to consent.

  • Save time and money – benefit from user-friendly processes, jargon-free explanations, and a dedicated expert to help you every step of your compliance journey.


Why choose DataGuard Why choose DataGuard

Customer Success Stories

We have helped over 2000 customers with data protection compliance since 2017

“Caring about data privacy is just common courtesy. It shows that you care just as much about your customers themselves as you do about them spending money with your company. If we only cared about...

TOCA Social

“With our digital approach combining online appointments with a healthcare app, we needed a partner that really understands our technical needs. With DataGuard, we have found a partner that speaks...

Avi Medical

“Trying to find the right solution was a complete minefield. There was no understanding or empathy. We are dealing with sensitive data and needed extra help. Nobody took the time to really understand...


"As a result of flexibility for recording permissions introduced by DataGuard, UNICEF UK have seen a significant increase in the number of supporters giving consent to marketing depending on channel."


"The requirements with regard to data privacy and information security recently increased massively with our automotive customers, similarly to our industrial customers from other industries."


"With DataGuard, there’s a certain amount of hours included in our package. It covers the amount of questions that I have and gives me peace of mind that I won’t get a huge invoice at the end of the...


“DataGuard allows us to automate responses which saves time and money. And if we ever have a question, they have a team of experts standing by to help. It is like having a pain reliever."


“The GDPR requires us to document so many things, to fill out so many forms. We simply don’t have the time to do this. This is where DataGuard comes in – they take this task off our hands.”


“We chose a professional solution that covers a spectrum which an individual internal data protection officer cannot provide – neither in terms of expertise nor in terms of time."


“We were introduced to DataGuard and they were able to provide us with the perfect solution at the time we needed it. DataGuard gives us peace of mind and helps us sleep well at night. If you want to...


“Previously, all data privacy queries ended up on my desk. Now, the platform is the linchpin. Colleagues can find all their necessary to-dos, templates, documentation, and training courses easily and...


“DataGuard's team of privacy experts is what makes the difference. They don't just tell us "do it like this", they also explain why it should be done in a specific way – which helps broaden my team's...


“As a non-profit, we often work with so much personal data – names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. We have to be on the safe side when it comes to privacy.”

The Futures Project

“E-commerce is all about people. We do more than just store personal data: we monetize it. This makes it critical for us to stay on the safe side of data protection law. DataGuard helps us do exactly...


Other Data Privacy services
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1. Compliance as-a-Service

Leveraging a process-driven approach where your business may ease regulatory pressure and prepare your business for compliance success.


2. Privacy as-a-Service 

Providing advice on data privacy in addition to providing your business with a web-based privacy platform.


3. Data Breach Support

Supporting your business if you suffer a personal data breach.


4. Preference Management

Capturing marketing consent, such as opting into newsletters, offers etc.


5. Cookie Management

Managing cookie consent across your customer’s devices.


Predictable costs, measurable value

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Your questions - answered


Are there any costs associated with UK GDPR compliance?

Yes, the Data Protection Fee is a yearly payment to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) that ranges from £40 to £60 depending on the size of the business. A fee of £2,900 would be charged to large businesses. This means that this business is also registered with the ICO.


What businesses does the UK GDPR apply to?

If they are situated in the UK and sell to clients in the UK or EU, all firms that collect and process personal data must comply with UK GDPR.


What does a GDPR consultant do?

A GDPR consultant is a GDPR professional who advises and directs businesses in achieving full compliance with the regulation.


Why does your business need to be UK GDPR compliant?

Compliance with the GDPR reflects that you respect your users' privacy and go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements to protect their rights and personal data.


Do businesses with less than 250 employees have to comply with the UK GDPR's requirements?

Despite the UK GDPR's broad scope, there is no exception for small businesses. Even if a company has less than 250 employees, it must still comply with the entirety of the UK GDPR.


Is a privacy notice from our business sufficient to comply with UK GDPR?

No, it is not sufficient. While a privacy notice is an important aspect of addressing one of the UK GDPR's transparency principles, it does not imply that you are GDPR compliant.


Can my business be UK GDPR certified?

Obtaining a UK GDPR certification is currently not possible. While the ICO is working on developing a UK-based GDPR certification, completing a UK GDPR audit is the best method to convince your customers that you are GDPR compliant.

DataGuard Guard

Our approach is designed to be an all-in-one solution for all your privacy and information security needs. We deeply understand the challenges of your industry and can speak to you in a language you understand.

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