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  • Data protection and accountability may be maintained with the help of this tool.
  • Highlight the dangers of personal data processing and the weaknesses that might result in data breaches or noncompliance with the law that you are taking.


  • Make it possible to see how well you are following to the changing requirements of data protection law in accordance with the UK GDPR regulation.
  • Boost customer confidence and involvement by your participation in this project

  • Saas & Software Development
  • Property Development
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Political Pressure Groups
  • Charitable Bodies
  • Higher Education

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Consultancy
  • Construction

  • GP Surgeries
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Sports Organisation
  • Travel
  • Local Government

Customer Success Stories

We have helped over customers with data protection compliance since 2017

“Getting ISO 27001 certified was a critical step to demonstrate our commitment to the market that we manage data in the most efficient and secure way.”


“We increased our marketing database by 20% in just six months and are looking to double the opt-in rate by end of the year.”


“Working with consulting firms could have taken 50-80% more time to setup an ISMS. With DataGuard, we felt cared for and supported, even in challenging times.”

“The Policy Generator feature of the platform looks promising as it will reduce manual effort massively on our end. I’m not stressed about the upcoming changes in ISO Standards in 2023 because I...

Behaviour Lab

“When we started signing corporates and bigger companies, we realised data privacy plays a key role in our brand's perceived business ethics. Our prospects often have entire teams reviewing our...


“We had a lot of know-how, but we needed someone to guide us through the whole process. In the end, the ISO certificate is definitely an award criterion for us, a USP. But it also shows what we stand...


“The support provided by DataGuard as a competent partner and external Information Security Officer before and during our assessment on TISAX® was extremely helpful, especially in relation to the...


"DataGuard offered everything we needed to get ISO 27001 audit-ready fast. DataGuard helped us get ISO 27001 certified 50% faster."

SaaSy People

“Data security and GDPR is very important to us. DataGuard started to consult us in every direction, tried to find out what the critical points in our businesses are and built up a risk register for...

Pier 7

“DataGuard’s overall approach has shown us that by working together we could save a lot of time and have clear, meticulously documented processes and measures. That's what matters.”


“Caring about data privacy is just common courtesy. It shows that you care just as much about your customers themselves as you do about them spending money with your company. If we only cared about...

TOCA Social

"Having someone I can send my questions to for a prompt reply is wonderful. I don't have to worry about the cost as much as I have to with a lawyer where I have to write them to please only invest 25...


“Trying to find the right solution was a complete minefield. There was no understanding or empathy. We are dealing with sensitive data and needed extra help. Nobody took the time to really understand...


“Previously, all data privacy queries ended up on my desk. Now, the platform is the linchpin. Colleagues can find all their necessary to-dos, templates, documentation, and training courses easily and...


“We work with a lot of sensitive data.Our clients’ sales pitches, customer data syncing with CRMs...DataGuard offers a unique combination to handle this. Their software allows us to document our...


“We had a local legislation advisor for GDPR for our company as a whole and the local Slovenian office. With DataGuard, we’re able to easily get compliancy under the hood for our German territory....


“If you have a minimum of 10 employees and have to be mindful of sensitive data, you could do it the old-fashioned way with a consultant. Or you could do it with DataGuard where you have the...


“Strong data protection practices are a great argument in favour of a company. People really care about this. And if customers care about it, then businesses need to care about it too. With the help...


“E-commerce is all about people. We do more than just store personal data: we monetize it. This makes it critical for us to stay on the safe side of data protection law. DataGuard helps us do exactly...


“As a non-profit, we often work with so much personal data – names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. We have to be on the safe side when it comes to privacy.”

The Futures Project

“We chose a professional solution that covers a spectrum which an individual internal data protection officer cannot provide – neither in terms of expertise nor in terms of time."


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1.  UK GDPR Compliance as-a-Service

Leveraging a process-driven approach where your business may ease regulatory pressure and prepare your business for compliance success.


2. Privacy as-a-Service 

Providing advice on data privacy in addition to providing your business with a web-based privacy platform.


3. Data Breach Support

Supporting your business if you suffer a personal data breach.


4. Preference Management

Capturing marketing consent, such as opting into newsletters, offers etc.


5. Cookie Management

Managing cookie consent across your customer’s devices.


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