As more and more people entrust personal information to companies and the cloud, the need for data privacy and security regulations has grown. One of the most stringent is the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

In particular, companies operating in Germany are facing what can be a complex and frustrating process of becoming and remaining compliant or face substantial fines for failing to do so. Such was the case for NiceLabel, a producer label design software and label management systems for efficient printing labels and stamping codes on products.

Headquartered in Šenčur, Slovenia, NiceLabel has facilities in Obertshausen, Shanghai, Singapore, and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. But to continue to operate in Germany, the company needed to become GDPR compliant. 

“Even though we don’t really deal with a lot of personal data, to continue to do business in Germany, we need to adhere to GDPR,” said Boris Zupančič, a process tools manager for NiceLabel. “For us, it’s important that our German office is compliant and that we avoid problems meeting GDPR requirements.” 

Added Boštjan Hojkar, an IT department manager for the company, “We were introduced to DataGuard, and they were able to provide us with the perfect solution at the time we needed it.  

Based in Munich, DataGuard is the leading provider of “Privacy-and-Compliance-as-a-Service.” Our unique combination of a team of privacy experts and sophisticated software has enabled thousands of companies to efficiently and effectively address privacy regulations. 

“We had a local legislation advisor for GDPR for our company as a whole and the local Slovenian office,” explained Mr Hojkar. But there were extra requirements, some strict regulations, for German compliance. With DataGuard, we’re able to easily get compliance under the hood for our German territory. That’s a real value.”

DataGuard gives us peace of mind and helps us sleep well at night, concluded Mr. Zupančič. If you want to be compliant in Germany, choose DataGuard.”


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