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Make privacy compliance your competitive advantage, with step-by-step expert guidance and an easy-to-use online platform.

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Industry-specific support, tailored to your needs.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, we have seen and solved it before.


IT & Software

Topics we can help you with: 

  • successfully implementing Privacy by Design & Privacy by Default concepts
  • using data privacy compliant software solutions
  • UK GDPR-compliant data exchanges with third-party providers, service providers and customers
  • creating erasure concepts for every tool you use (eg. CRM)
  • effectively managing compliance requirements of your customers and business partners

Industry & Production

Topics we can support you with: 

  • creating erasure concepts for every tool you use (eg. CRMs)
  • using tracking and RFID in compliance with data privacy laws
  • establishing UK GDPR-compliant video surveillance on your company premises.
  • transferring data safely outside of the EU/EEA
  • creating concepts for the compliant use of Industry 4.0/IoT

Craft & Construction

Topics we can support you with: 

  • UK GDPR-compliant GPS tracking of company vehicles
  • collecting and processing tenants’ data compliantly
  • archiving correspondence correctly
  • making your construction sites compliant (e.g. communication tools, DPAs)
  • transferring data outside of the EU/EEA (e.g. customer communication)


Topics we can support you with: 

  • establishing UK GDPR-compliant video surveillance on your premises and storage rooms
  • securing UK GDPR-compliant data processing by third-party providers and for cashless payments
  • sending out GDPR-compliant newsletters
  • monitoring employee activity compliantly (e.g. time and attendance recording)
  • launching your online store (privacy policies, cookie banners, plug-ins, etc)


Topics we can support you with: 

  • hosting and processing sensitive patient data
  • implementing the GDPR into your everyday practice
  • creating and reviewing new data processing agreements (DPAs)
  • correctly organising and implementing access rights
  • obtaining consents or releases from confidentiality 

Marketing, Advertising, PR

Topics we can support you with: 

  • implementing UK GDPR-compliant inbound marketing
  • sending out newsletters in compliance with data privacy laws
  • compliantly creating or using photos and videos
  • transferring data safely outside of the EU/EEA
  • confidently using freelancers and external service providers in compliance with UK GDPR

Logistics & Mobility

Topics we can support you with: 

  • implementing GDPR-compliant GEO/GPS tracking
  • adhering to retention periods and creating erasure concepts for geodata or customer data
  • creating concepts for the privacy compliant use of Industry 4.0/IoT
  • transferring data safely outside of the EU/EEA
  • forwarding delivery addresses to third parties in a GDPR-compliant and secure way
  • reading tachographs while adhering to GDPR


Topics we can support you with: 

  • complying with retention requirements
  • responding to data subject requests
  • compliantly collecting and storing banking information (e.g. ID and credit card data)
  • resolving challenges when using online payment services (apps, software)
  • IT and data security, as well as the implementation of ISO 27001
  • compliantly and securely transferring data outside of the EU/EEA (global banking)


Topics we can support you with: 

  • using booking portals in compliance with the UK GDPR
  • compliantly keeping guest profiles (e.g. allergies, guest wishes)
  • managing COVID requirements securely
  • to create erasure concepts in compliance with deadlines.
  • to compliantly handlcopies of personal identification. 

Explore the platform.

Our user-friendly platform has been designed to be accessible for everyone - even those with no former experience with data privacy. It is an all-in-one solution, providing you with prioritised to-dos, organised documentation, and numerous features that help you remain privacy compliant long-term. It offers process-driven solutions, automating manual tasks that would usually take hours to complete, instilling newfound confidence in your company’s privacy management. Take a look at the main features on the right.

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Your overview for the compliance status of your company, pending to-dos, and your documentation.



Find questionnaires tailored to your industry. By answering them, you will help us assess your compliance status via a call in the next step.



After deep diving into your company, we will create your data compliance documentation, which you can access in this section anytime.



Based on the current status of your company, you’ll find prioritised and easy-to-understand recommendations to achieve compliance.



This will help you generate privacy policies perfectly customised to your online presence – simple, fast and intuitive.



According to the GDPR every employee is required to undergo basic data privacy training. Get free access for all employees and printable certificates of completion.


Data Subject Requests

Build trust with your customers by offering a simple way for them to make a request. Everything is sent directly to the platform, where requests are handled by DataGuard and your team.

Guard Hand

Your path to becoming GDPR compliant.



Schedule a free, no-obligation call with one of our experts to answer all of your questions and to get to know you better. How? Click on the 'RECEIVE AN OFFER' button displayed anywhere on the page or give us a call.


In a follow-up call one of our experts will ask you a series of specific questions to better understand your processes. This way we can provide you with a tailored proposal that best suits your company’s needs.


Approve and sign our proposal to virtually meet your dedicated privacy specialist and their expert team who will be available to you throughout the entire journey.


As a next step you will get access to our intuitive web platform to answer industry-specific questionnaires about your company. This will help us assess your current compliance status in several follow-up calls, in which we will go through all relevant areas of your company where personal data is processed.


After assessing your current compliance status, we will create your mandatory documentation. This also includes your record of processing activities. You can access the documentation via your platform login at any time.


Now that we have your current status documented properly, it is time to reach the optimal state of compliance. For that, we will give you specific, easy-to-understand recommendations and prioritise them for you. If you have any issues executing them, your dedicated expert team will gladly provide advice at any time.


To help you stay compliant, we will regularly inform you about current legislations and relevant news regarding data privacy and compliance. We will also help you create and check data processing agreements (DPAs) as well as keeping your changing processes and structures compliant with GDPR requirements.


Customer & partner testimonials.

“DataGuard has not only supported us in implementing GDPR throughout our organisation, but they are available to us every day as an external Data Protection Officer. Through our collaboration, we feel that we are fully supported and in very good hands with regards to the requirements of our data protection.”

Flavio Bertoli

Chief Compliance Officer


“DataGuard’s solution helps customers see that privacy protection and digital marketing can go hand in hand. As a HubSpot user, DataGuard shows how clients can both reach the next level of data privacy protection, and adhere to the strict European data privacy rules.”


Channel Partnerships


“DataGuard's team of privacy experts is what makes the difference. They don't just tell us "do it like this", they also explain why it should be done in a specific way – which helps broaden my team's knowledge base.”


Founder & CTO


As featured in:

About DataGuard

Combining human expertise with powerful platform technology, DataGuard is an all-in-one solution for data privacy and information security. Over 1,500 customers use our end-to-end “Privacy-as-a-Service” and “InfoSec-as-a-Service” solutions to comply with regulations such as the GDPR or attain and retain certifications like ISO 27001. With over 150 employees in Munich, Berlin and London, we enable our customers to operationalise privacy and information security throughout all their business processes – thereby driving compliance, mitigating risks and generating value through trust and transparency.



  • 1500+


  • 25Million


  • in 430





What are the consequences of a violation of the GDPR?

Violations entail fines of up to €20 million (about £18 million) or up to 4 percent of the total worldwide annual turnover achieved in the previous financial year, whichever is higher. Many infringements, for example, the failure to appoint a data protection officer, are considered grossly negligent conduct. The supervisory authorities consistently investigate violations.


What distinguishes an external DPO from an internal DPO?

An external data protection officer (DPO) has cross-sectoral industry knowledge and relevant expertise. Therefore, our experts will always keep you informed about relevant changes and jurisdictions. Thanks to professional and efficient workflows, documents are routinely created and necessary processes are easily established. Our specialists are comprehensively trained. In case of illness or vacation, substitution is regulated. Fixed packages enable a transparent overview of costs.

An internal DPO, on the other hand, must undergo continuous training, which requires a considerable amount of time. It is often not easy to ensure that substitution is guaranteed. Furthermore, not everyone may be appointed as a DPO: among other things, the managing director may not assume this task. The internal DPO is also subject to special protection against dismissal. The liability remains with the company. External advice is often still required, which results in additional costs.


What competencies must a data protection officer have?

Many companies decide to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) from their own staff. This means that a person must have a very deep understanding of the legal situation and the technology behind the individual company processes.
It is very difficult for one person to take on these two roles alone. That is why we offer you a complete team of lawyers and IT experts who are ready to help you with advice and support. Furthermore, within the company, neither the management nor the IT department may be appointed as DPO.
An internal DPO often lacks the expertise to find resource-saving ways to make processes GDPR-compliant. Our specialists, on the other hand, are trained to make recommendations that have as little impact on your structures as possible.

How does the cooperation work?

First, we get to know you during a consultation to determine your needs, so that we can support you as best as possible. After the commissioning of services, the audit process starts. Our intuitive platform asks you individually-tailored questions about the data processing processes in your company.

A specialist will then walk through the answers with you. Even after the audit process is completed, we are there for you to answer questions, solve problems, and keep you informed about relevant news and changes in the law.


How quickly can I appoint DataGuard as my data protection officer?

After an initial call with one of our experts, you will be classified into the appropriate service package (Basic, Medium, Medium+, Premium, or Corporate) that suits your company and sign the contract sent to you by e-mail, which you are welcome to return to us scanned and signed. We can then be appointed as your external data protection officer within 24 hours.



What exactly does DataGuard do?

As a data protection officer, we are your first point of contact for all data protection issues. We determine your needs and support you in implementing the GDPR in your company.
After we have determined your needs in an introductory meeting and we have been appointed as your DPO, the audit process starts. Prior to this, you will be assigned an interdisciplinary data protection team tailored to your company. First, the processes in the respective departments are documented. For this purpose, you will answer the catalog of questions tailored to you and your industry in our intuitive data protection management software.
Our specialists then discuss the answers and any ambiguities with you. Afterward, the implementation of the GDPR will begin. We will provide you with recommendations for action with which you can design your processes in compliance with GDPR. In doing so, we ensure that the recommendations interfere as little as possible with your existing structures.
After the audit process, we continue to be your first point of contact in matters of data protection. You can reach us by telephone and via the platform. If there is any news as well as any changes in the law, you will be informed by us very promptly. We are also happy to advise you during project planning or during the introduction of new tools in your company. The actual implementation, however, is up to you. We only support you during the planning phase.

Why DataGuard?

Our combination of personal advice and intuitive data protection management software allows us to provide you with optimal support for the GDPR.
  • An interdisciplinary team of lawyers and IT experts provide individual advice. Depending on the package, a certain number of consulting hours is already included.
  • We offer you transparency during the entire process. Our platform enables you to keep a constant eye on everything – and all this even without previous knowledge of data protection.
  • Our online employee training courses on data protection are particularly effective and save resources.
  • With us, you stay up to date: we inform you about relevant news and changes in the law

Does the data protection officer have to be on-site?

The data protection officer (DPO) does not have to be on site to perform his or her tasks. Our online data protection platform supports us in implementing your data protection requirements. It is important that the DPO has all the information he or she needs to fulfil his or her tasks.

In addition, he or she should be directly accessible to company management as well as employees, customers and authorities. We can offer you support on all these points, as we are personally available for you conveniently by telephone or email from Monday to Friday during office hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Your advantages:

  • Your employees can concentrate on their daily business and are therefore more productive
  • You save on travel costs for our consultants

How does DataGuard minimise my liability risk?

As your external data protection officer, we minimise your liability risk: on the one hand, our competent advice reduces the probability of receiving high fines, and on the other hand, we are liable for up to 20 million euros should we advise you incorrectly. However, you are responsible for the correct implementation of our recommendations for action. Nevertheless, we are of course available to provide you with advice and practical support, and to offer you concrete recommendations for action.



What does an initial assessment of my data protection needs cost?

The initial call with one of our experts is completely free of charge for you.


What happens during the initial assessment?

In order to be able to support you as best as possible, we need to know a little bit more about your company to determine your needs. In a call lasting about 30 minutes, a member of our staff will cover the most important questions with you.

Or give us a call now ...

(020) 3695 6452