Accounting software company turns to DataGuard for privacy compliance 

Think of industries where data privacy is of utmost importance. Two that immediately come to mind are the healthcare and financial sectors. You would expect larger enterprises in these areas to take privacy compliance very seriously. But now, even smaller companies are doing the same. 

Take sevDesk, for instance. 

“We’re a cloud-based accounting software company,” said Fabian Silberer, co-founder and CEO of sevDesk. “We help small businesses and entrepreneurs create invoices and estimates and otherwise automate their accounting. As you can imagine, the data we collect and keep is even more prone to privacy, risk, and regulation than other types of software companies”   

This is why sevDesk has turned to DataGuard to help them be privacy-compliant.


DataGuard: Privacy-as-a-Service 

DataGuard offers a “privacy-as-a-service” solution, a unique combination of a web-based tech platform that allows for the automation of certain processes, complemented by a team of legal, IT, HR, and data privacy experts. This solution set helps German-based sevDesk remain in compliance with the country’s GDPR regulations.

“For our customers, data privacy and IT security are big topics as there is risk from a business perspective. After all, they have all sorts of accounting information, so it’s very important that it is secure. If you lose a client’s trust regarding privacy, it’s very hard to get it back. 

“With Data Guard, we can reduce this risk for us and our customers, as well as leverage privacy protection as an added value. I can see us using DataGuard as a unique selling proposition. 

“Prior to DataGuard, we handled privacy compliance mostly in-house as well as with an external privacy lawyer. But it was mostly a pain in the butt. If an issue came up, it was really hard to address it in the organisation. The process was time-consuming, and, in the end, nobody knew the exact answer.   

“Then going to the lawyer took additional time and expense. You have this pain in your head because you know you have to do something but are not quite sure what.


A big pain reliever 

“DataGuard allows us to automate responses, which saves time and money. And if we ever have a question, they have a team of experts standing by to help. It is like having a pain reliever. 

“For a SaaS company like us, it is hard to find a really good provider like DataGuard. So many consultants out there call themselves IT privacy consultants, but they do not know anything about cloud software, they do not know anything about online marketing.


An old-fashioned approach vs. the most professional way 

"DataGuard speaks our language. They think like a software start-up. They think like an online marketing company. They handle the processes around data privacy so much more efficiently. They save us a lot of time. Even more important is that I am able to sleep better at night now. And I can see myself sleeping better in the future, too."

“If you have a minimum of 10 employees and have to be mindful of sensitive data, you could do it the old-fashioned way with a consultant. Or you could do it with DataGuard, where you have the consultant and the software. Of course, this, for me, is the most professional way.” 


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