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Introduction to Records of Processing Activities

Increase efficiency and deliver greater value from your data

What you'll learn during the webinar:

  1. What exactly Article 30 of GDPR is asking for
  2. How to best prepare to document your processing activities
  3. The basic structure and content of your Records of Processing Activities
  4. Parts of the records of processing activities you should not miss out
  5. Best practices around maintaining the Records of Processing Activities 

According to Article 30 GDPR, every business is required to keep written Records of Processing Activities (Short: “ROPA”). 

The ROPA quickly provides companies with an overview of their business processes and helps identify all areas where personal data is being processed.
This enables your business to deliver greater efficiency and greater value from your data, which ultimately creates trust with your customers. 

Setting up Records of Processing Activities might seem like a cumbersome task at first. However, it delivers many benefits beyond plain fulfilment of GDPR requirements. 

In this webinar, Lucian-Gabriel Burcea, Privacy Consultant at DataGuard, covers everything you need to know to get started or level up your ROPA.

No matter, at what stage of the documentation process you’re at, you will walk away with useful best practices and tips on how to bring your data privacy compliance to the next level. 


Lucian-Gabriel Burcea

Senior Privacy Consultant

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