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Buyer's Guide How to select and get the most from a consent & preference management solution


  • A consent and preference management tool can help you to capture consent and customer preferences compliantly.
  • Maturing global data protection regulations require organisations to adopt a more sophisticated and transparent approach to the collection and evidencing of personal data and consent.
  • Upgrade your capabilities to provide your customers the best privacy-friendly experience with your organisation and boost customer engagement.
  • Download our complete guide for an overview on how to select and get the most from a consent management platform.

Getting customer engagement right can increase loyalty, strengthen your competitive position and lead to higher return on investment. This can be tough if you don’t know how your customers want you to communicate and what content, offers, products and services they are interested in. A consent and preference management tool helps you to capture consent and customer preferences compliantly and gives the individual more control over the use and sharing of their personal data.

But where do you start when it comes to choosing the right solution that fits your organisations' needs?

Our Buyer's Guide is written by privacy experts who have worked closely with organisations like yours over the years. They understand the unique challenges you are facing and have addressed every area you need to consider when assessing a solution. We know how important this choice is, so we have left no stone unturned in this comprehensive guide.

In this guide, we cover:

  • Reasons why you should use a consent and preference management platform
  • How a platform can benefit your organisation as a single source of data truth across all your business systems
  • Tips and best practices how to find a compliant solution that fits your needs and is also scalable for growth
  • 5 critical steps to buying and implementing your consent and preference management solution
  • Plus: a handy checklist how to manage consent and preferences from your customers compliantly

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