Align your business to ISMS standards with our ISO 27001 toolkit: Documentation templates for ISMS Objectives and Issues Identified, Information Security Policy, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy. Download your free template and get started!

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1. ISMS Objectives and Issues Identified

A policy created to identify the objectives of your ISMS and ways
to achieve them. Key Performance Indicators are included for each objective.


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2. Information Security Policy

Defines the purpose, direction, principles and basic rules
of information security management.


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3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Defines how your organisation will retain control over its
information while it is being accessed by personal devices.

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Benefits of our ISO 27001 toolkits​

Benefits of our ISO 27001 toolkits_

1. Support the implementation of your ISMS

ISO 27001 toolkit give you an idea of what documentation entails and what the ISO documentation looks like. You can access more features and documentation that drive efficiency through our InfoSec platform.


2. Save time and work more efficiently

Using our pre-written ISO 27001 documentation saves you the time of creating them from scratch. Our InfoSec platform gives you access to all the templates you need for ISMS documentation.


3. A simplified documentation solution

The ISO 27001 templates help you get the right expectation of what is needed to complete documentation. They ensure that you don’t miss any important information, and all you have to do is fill in your organisation details.

Our expert support​

Documentation is not the first step to ISO 27001. While the templates would save time, our experts offer support to guide you throughout your ISO 27001 journey. They also help review your documentation to make everything audit-ready.

For a structured and guided ISO 27001 journey, get in touch with us.

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GAP analysis and risk assessments

Experts perform risk assessments and a gap analysis to identify potential harmful gaps in your information security processes. They provide recommendations and solutions that you may then implement to rectify concerns.


Our experts help identify the ISO 27001 policies that need to be implemented in your organisation and review existing policies to determine any necessary changes. Once your documentation is complete, an expert review is conducted before submitting it for ISO 27001 certification.

Internal audit preparation

An internal audit assesses your organisation’s current information security procedures, thereby assisting in the creation of your ISMS. Expert auditors helps you prepare for and conduct the internal audit.

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