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SaaS and Data Privacy 

In the world of SaaS, processing and monetising data is usually at the core of your business model. Therefore, ensuring that you protect the data of your customers is of paramount importance.

Want to know how mature your data privacy practices are? Try out our assessment below to get an estimate! 

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How mature is your business?

SaaS Data Privacy Assessment

Answer the questions to get an estimate of your company's data privacy maturity. This can help to highlight areas you need to focus on in order to ensure your team is protecting the personal data of your customers.

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Legal notice: Your answers and your final result in this assessment will not be stored by our system or passed on to our team if you fill out a contact form. They are completely private to you. This assessment is designed to give an estimate of your data privacy maturity only.


Does your DPO (data protection officer) have the appropriate training and reasonable resources they need to lead your UK GDPR compliance journey?


Your cookie policy includes:


Where is your customer relationship management (CRM) software disclosed on your website?

Common examples of CRMs include HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce.


Do you have a cookie consent management system on your website?

Examples include Usercentrics, CookieBot, or some other software that helps you to manage consents for user's cookies.


Do you record data flows through your business?

This involves understanding the data lifecycle and how each department processes personal data, and who in each department is responsible for the processes.


Do you have binding contracts and appropriate safeguards in place with all of your third party vendors?

Examples of third party vendors include your payroll services providers, data storage providers, or IT support providers.


Are employees trained once per year on data privacy and security best practices? Or if your business is a startup, do you have a plan for training your employees soon?


Are your business’ Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) concluded with all the necessary elements as per Article 28 UK GDPR?

Under Article 28 UK GDPR, your business must only appoint other processors who can provide “sufficient guarantees” to meet the requirements of the UK GDPR, in order to ensure the protection of your data.


Currently, are particularly sensitive data from your clients placed under further protection?

Examples of sensitive data include data on health, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, etc. Prevention methods could include ensuring no unauthorised access to sensitive data, implementing two-factor authentication, awareness training for employees in handling sensitive data, etc.


Did you carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment?


Are you integrating Privacy by Design and Default principles into the design of your SaaS platform?

Privacy by Design definition: Companies at the earliest stages of the design process must ensure safeguards and data protection principles from the start. Privacy by Default definition: Companies should ensure personal data is processed with the highest privacy protection.


Are your Technical and Organisational Measures (TOMs) aligned with the security standards of your client’s own processes?

According to Article 32 UK GDPR, TOMs are the prescribed measures that your business takes to ensure that any personal data you process is protected.

Your result

Maturity score:

Your business needs to do a lot of work to ensure that you are protecting the data of your customers and operating in a data compliant way.

It looks like your business is on the right track, but you still have a lot of work to do.

You seem to have many of the right processes in place. As a next step - why not learn how to use data privacy as your competitive advantage? Download our whitepaper via the link below!

Low Maturity Medium Maturity High Maturity
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There are many ways that SaaS companies can use data privacy to develop a competitive advantage. Download our SaaS whitepaper to find out more about what competitive advantages you can gain with investors, partners and customers.

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