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Attitudes to Data Report How to better serve the consumer with a privacy-first approach


  • In 2020 we conducted a survey amongst 400 businesses and consumers to find out whether consumers feel the same as the organisations they interact with regarding the use and management of their data
  • Our report provides helpful insights into the consumer's viewpoint on data collection, usage and management by organisations
  • These insights will give you an idea on how to enhance your privacy practices to better meet consumer demands and retain your customers through compliant data and consent practices

How do consumers and businesses feel about data management practices, and what can be done to close the gap between expectations and reality?

In 2020, we created two surveys which were completed by over 400 consumers and organisations in the UK. The goal? Finding out whether consumers feel the same as the organisations they interact with regarding the use and management of their data.

Our report reveals the key results of the two surveys including fascinating correlations and differences between the two audiences looking at the most important topics of data privacy and consent. For example, 72% of respondents said that it is not easy for them to understand how organisations use their data and would like more control on how their data is being used.

Is your organisation already addressing those needs?

This report gives you a comprehensive overview of what your customers care most about and also provides you with some head-starts to assess your business’s performance in these fields.

You will also get helpful recommendations on how to ensure that your practices align closely with the expectations of the consumer to better serve and retain them – reaching from simple tasks such as reviewing your privacy information and current consent practices to long-term initiatives like implementing a people-centric data strategy which gives consumers control over their data.

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